Is Your Well Water Smelling Like Rotten Eggs

or Other Nasty Odors?…


Now You can Easily Get Rid of Those Odors


If you have a private well as the source of your drinking water, you have total responsibility for the quality of that water, both for its purity from both a health standpoint and from a taste and smell standpoint.

It’s not unusual to find both nuisance contaminants that affect odor and taste, and health-risk contaminants in well water.

Chlorinating your well on a regular basis gets rid of most, if not all, of the contaminates that cause both health related and taste and odor related issues. If you do chlorinate your well, you will end up with safe, clean and good tasting water for you and your family.

If you are drinking bottled water today because you don’t trust your well water, now you can stop spending all that money and stop putting plastic water bottles in our landfills.

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How safe is your Drinking Water?


'Bang for the Buck' Healthy Water Test

Even if you are on a public water system, special issues can arise caused by:

  • The age of the distribution system
  • The type and age of the plumbing in your house
  • Your relative location on a community water line
  • Natural events such as droughts or floods
  • Unusual disturbance in the water distribution system

We offer our ‘Bang-for-the-Buck’ Healthy Water Test. We test your drinking water in our professional lab, except for the presence or absence of harmful bacteria, for the contaminants that are most likely to affect your health and / or result in unpleasant looking, tasting, and smelling water.

You will test for bacteria because it’s a much better way than sending the sample back to the lab for testing–bacteria have a short holding time and are sensitive to temperature. We provide you with a simple way to do this test yourself.

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